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Wellness and happiness are top priorities for LSW Brand. We genuinely care about our hotel employees. LSW Employee Engagement is to ensure the success of LSW hotels and has the sense of their own well-being.

As the world’s ideas of wealth and status change, affluent travelers are looking for guilt-free indulgence. At LSW Hotels, we offer the products of Fair Trade, locally produced vegetables, fruit and more. 

We are a part of local communities and participate in educational programs, improvement initiatives and create the sense of community. Unique experiences such as visiting a local farm and pick up the harvest or watch local craftsmen and take a drawing classes or cooking classes with the chef to be realized at LSW Hotels.

Wellness hotel


Our brand concept and business embrace the sustainability and go above and beyond the 3Rs of Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse. LSW will use solar energy and the water efficient premium sustainable showers to name a few. The bed-linens and towels are made of sustainably grown fiber crops and Fair-Trade textiles. The beds you are sleeping on made of sustainable forestry and FSC-certified.

We use bio-degradable to-go containers if you need but it would be greatly appreciated if you use our complimentary water bottles. For your convenience and guilt-free indulgence, we offer paper water bottles or alternative water bottles and the products that meet the sustainable packaging standards and produce minimum waste.

LSW Hotels’ commitment and engagement in CSR is motivated not only with the focus on return on investment but a genuine desire to create positive change in the hotel industry.

Sustainable and CSR Initiatives are aligned with the strategies and knowledge of the company that will earn and retain the best talents and serves LSW Hotels in times good and bad. The high technology at LSW Hotels is a secret we keep to ourselves.

How do we measure our performance?

LSW Business Intelligence and Sustainability Reporting measure benefits of sustainable hotel standards. The comprehensive analytics to prove the hotel owners and investors more profitable bottom line and the hotels’ reputation to be stellar and impeccable.

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