Wellness hotelIt is becoming fiercer competitive and the hotels are fighting to be highly rated every single day, 24/7. It is the reputation and guest reviews, friends and family recommendations that influence the guests’ decision. But the guest’s reviews are not the only deciding factor. The travelers are health-conscious. becoming more educated on environmental issues and willing to stay and pay slightly higher rates at socially responsible hotels.

From my experience, the clients expressed numerous times that they are bored and tired of the cookie-cutter hotel experience.

Sustainable and Innovative design, unique concepts infused with technology are gaining attention. The corporate travel and event planners are looking for environmentally-conscious and affluent travelers looking for guilt-free luxury indulgence.

As the hospitality industry evolves and traveler’s preferences change, we must be ahead of the curve and design very unique concepts that captivate the attention and are good for the environment.

It goes without saying, sustainable hotels are becoming a huge trend in the hospitality industry.

The future requires a change and evolution in the hotel industry.

Demand for sustainable tourism and hotels is on the rise. As hoteliers, we should be mindful of the environmental impact and take a diligent care of every guest and each other.

Hotels are developing the sense of community, from taking the guests to the local brewery or art gallery to from farm to the table food concepts are gaining even faster pace.

Wellness hotels are gaining faster pace. The hotels are coming up with healthy food choices, and locally sourced veggies and fruit. The state-of-the-art fitness centers, organic, non-GMO healthy snacks are becoming a norm.

Talent retention and the hotel staff’s happiness deserves a greater attention. Caring and considering each guest’s preferences, anticipating the guest’s needs and delivering brand promise is a must.

Artificial Intelligence is being used to analyze the data and learn about the guests’ preferences. The human touch is an important and warm reception and ingenuity are crucial.