2018 was a good year. With the New Year to kick in in a few days, we tend to think about what was good and what was bad in 2018.

From my personal experience, any bad experience can teach us a good lesson. We just should pay more attention to how we say certain things, how we respond and how to react, and most importantly, express our emotions eloquently and communicate ourselves in a very delicate manner.

Moving forward involves healthy eating, regular exercise consistently, and socializing in the most organic way. If we do all three simple things, we are going to be in a good shape, feel good about ourselves, and will be craving greater creativity and better at what we do, and happier! Here, at LSW Hotels, sustainable hotels we love, live and breathe nature and good food, admire great people, and thrive for finesse.

The food at LSW Hotels is going to be unique, sustainable, naturally good, and delicious. We believe that what you eat is how much you love yourself. Sharing food is a must at LSW Hotels. among employees. Well-balanced, tasty, and the freshest ingredients. Food can cure and prevent almost all diseases. Food brings people together and makes everyone feel like a family. The LSW Hotels Family and Friends are treated with respect and love.

For the past year, we got to meet a lot of new people from different industries and were so impressed with how much sustainable development in all industries evolved exponentially. From sustainable packaging, eco-fashion trends to LEED and Green Building Council have taken new heights.

We believe in innovative and brilliant scientists, technology, and scientific breakthrough that will enable to sustain our lives and preserve nature.  Speaking of which, we admire Biomimicry UK is a highly creative innovation lab that designs collaboratively with leading engineers, physicists, artists to name a few.  Innovations in the field of biomimicry are mind-blowing and sustainable. Not only their innovations and research work are focused on sustainability but beautiful aesthetics as well. There are remarkable research works such as  -“How will Nature help shape trains of the future, and developing circular construction towards collaborative value creation” to become the breakthrough and have high impacts on next generations. Another breakthrough is The 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine being awarded jointly to James P. Allison and Tasuku Honjo for their discovery of cancer therapy by inhibition of negative immune regulation.