Needless to say, in the USA, we consume billions tons of food , yet we waste food irresponsibly. and have hungry kids.

According to National Geographic,  “Water supply restrictions for farmers may be announced soon by the state, but farmers have been drilling groundwater to compensate for surface supply shortages. Last week’s rules require only that agricultural operations improve their reporting of water use to the state. California is not the only state in the West facing water supply issues. Winter snowpack in Oregon and parts of Washington was far below normal. The Colorado River Basin, which supplies water to Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Diego, has also been in a drought for more than a decade, and the river basin’s aquifers have been declining too.

With abundance of food options, fast food, local eateries, emerging sustainable foods and food delivery technologies, we are becoming more picky and less conscious about waste. By wasting 12 Billion US Dollars in food, we are infamous for being careless foodies. 

We love good food, heavy calorie food, greasy after party food and always satisfy our food cravings any time of the day and night. in  general, hotel produce more food waste and unfortunately, most of the hotels don’t sort out the food waste, paper and plastic containers, still use Styrofoam containers and all of these end up on landfills. 
At LSW hotels, we are going to be a zero waste and use only bio-degradable and sustainable packaging, donate our good food to the people, locals schools, shelters. 
All above major problems call for action, evolutionary response and more doing than talking. We believe that sustainable businesses should be created out of genuine care and passion to solve these problems. 
“From my personal experience, I met  quite a few of production companies, media companies, politicians, real estate developers who screaming and making a statement, generating a marketing content and conveying a message on the sustainability in the sake of an image.  But remember, if you are not genuine and passionate in any relationships, romantic, business you won’t be happy nor successful. Pretension and hypocrisy doesn’t  have longevity. Honesty does as well as ingenuity.
Please join us on the journey to a very Healthy and Happy Place called LSW Hotels. We are craving to offer you one of a kind and breathtaking  moments at modern and intelligently entertaining spaces infused with a soulful hospitality in 2022.