With new hotel technologies, robot butlers, voice-control Alexa, smart check-in and more, we tend to focus on the technology and are eager to become the first in hotel technology innovations but not so much on solving rising environmental issues.

Billions of pounds of food waste, million plastic bottles, tons of paper waste in US hotels are just shocking and speak of the irresponsible behavior of the hotel operators and management companies. Hotel waste statistics are staggering.

The United States generates 63 million tons of food waste annually, at an estimated cost of $218 billion, of that, roughly 40 percent is estimated to come from consumer-serving businesses like hotels and restaurants. Yet, we have 41 million American struggling with hunger.

I understand, we, Americans enjoy luxury and abundance, hundreds of kinds of pizza and burgers. We love to eat! We want more, better, bigger and tastier. The hotel chefs are getting more creative to satisfy the pallets of the most demanding and picky foodies. No limits eat as much as you want if you finish your plate and do not waste the leftovers.

On average, 53 gallons of water is used in showers and toilets per occupied hotel room. And water that flushes our toilets, why can’t it be recycled, re-used from the showers?

We are well-aware of plastic pollution. But we keep buying plastic bottle of water. At LSW Hotels we will have Zero Plastic Policy.

Solar Energy is a strong investment for many hotels around the world, and with the guidance of an experienced installer, can yield many benefits for years to come.

Environmentally-conscious hotel brands are gaining a wider attention. Gradually, we will come to realization that sustainability is the future.

We certainly can make significantly greater impact by implementing the environmental sustainability programs in hotels and educate our audience consistently. All that will enable progress the hotels faster and gain loyalty among their guests.

We all should preserve nature by becoming environmentally-conscious citizens of the most beautiful planet and pass the cleaner planet for next generation to enjoy.