At LSW Hotels, we adore children and care about children wellness and education. Every kid is called cute as a button. Healthy children are happy children. The well-balanced meals and yummy fruity snacks are made of organic and locally sourced. Entertaining for the minds and good mood kids games are available at Cute as a Button, LSW Kids Club.

All children are curious, smart and adorable. They do have a very vivid imagination. Curiosity is the best way to learn about nature, geography, animals, practically anything.

it is sometimes hard to answer their peculiar questions but we do our best and pay attention to them, come up with interesting answers.

Education must be affordable and provided to all the children. Emphasis on the education is stronger than ever these days. Without education, we are unable to evolve and not making any progress.  Education open children’s eyes, give them better ideas and develops, prepares for a better and brighter future.

Let the kids choose their future profession and follow their passion. if the kid wants to become an artist, let him/her be whoever they want to be, anything that makes them happy. I know a few parents from my childhood who made their son to become a business entrepreneur. Their son is a great pianist, he played Chopin like a pro when he was 14 years.  Twenty-three years later, he regrets not pursuing his career in the music world.

Cute as a Button is a happy place, where and when the kids get to be kids.

Giggle, play, dance, draw, play outdoors and have a lot of playdates. We request not to bring the smartphones or i-pads to our Cute as A Button, LSW Kids Club.

The most important lesson we want our kids to learn is how to be a good person. Be kind and generous at heart.

We can’t wait to see you, LSW Buttons!