Drenched Rooftop Pool and Lounge

Quench your thirst and meet interesting people. The gorgeous rooftop pool is always happening place with live performances, birthday parties, pool parties and intimate corners for lovebirds. Romance is in the air all year round, not just over Valentine’s Day.

If you are proposing to a woman of your life, we would pour roses, champagne and make sure she will say “yes”.

Long Lasting Impression

LSW Guestrooms

Beautifully-appointed guestrooms, outfitted with sustainable furniture and textile products offer effortless balance and reflect the love of nature. Our cozy guestrooms are tastefully designed and equipped with the latest technology, sustainable mattresses and beds are neatly made with bamboo bed-linens. Accessories are made by local craftsmen and few of them are made by our hotel employees.

The images of the guestrooms to be revealed soon. You will be amazed!

Soothing Juices

Soothing Juices and Snack Bar

Our delicious and freshly made juices and healthy snacks hit your spot. The most sumptuous smoothies, freshly squeezed juices, and freshly cut fruit empower and give you energy, boost your mood and brain. Spinach wraps, salads, roasted seaweed and dried fruit are all fresh and wrapped in a sustainable packaging. The nutrients to improve your focus and memory. Drink our Soothing juices and experience a revived sense of calm, relaxation, and well-being. Smile with your eyes and heart. The radiant smile makes your beautiful and attractive.

Intelligently Entertaining Spaces

Intelligently Entertaining Spaces – Library & Home Theater

Entertain your brain with classic books collection and modern literature. Or just stretch your legs, get comfortable, order popcorn and watch your favorite classic movie. During the nights, stand-up comedy shows will make you realize a lot of funny things about yourself and someone you used to know. Feel like listening to blues or classical, go for it. Just grab a glass of your favorite organic wine and good company.  The most enthusiastic hotel staff and always happening places at LSW is looking forward to making your stay very entertaining and memorable. The Library is dedicated in loving memory of Tatyana’s father. Her father built the library at home that had 400 books and spent his spare time reading books of Russian Classic and Modern Literature, American And Foreign Classic Novels. Her father made Tatyana and two brothers, grandkids read the books regularly and fall in love with the books.

Sociable Bar and Lounge

Sociable Bar and Lounge

Mingle with sociable people because they are the coolest. People connect better in a social setting. Please leave your I-phone, smartphone alone and look around. You see attractive and interesting people around you. If you are approachable and easy to talk to, people get attracted to you and want to talk and share laughs.
We all love to have wonderful times, laugh more. and be ourselves. Variety of music collection is very pleasant to your ears. If you feel like dancing, dance your heart off. Do anything that puts you in a great mood.

Our good-looking mixologists are ready to impress you with the best cocktail.

Organically Tasty

Organically Tasty Restaurant

Enjoy very Tasty food made from love. Our food is very unique. We try to impress the most demanding guests and food lovers every time. From perfectly marinated and grilled meats to roasted eggplant, finger-licking dipping sauces, foie gras with pear jam to chocolate souffle with organic vanilla ice-cream are something to die for. Every bite makes you moan, the flavors are addictive and the secret spices and ingredients make you realize that life is good. Local cuisine is a big part of the menu. Every destination, country or place is remembered by its people, culture, and food. Impeccable and intuitive service provided by LSW amazing staff makes the dining experience very enjoyable. We are looking forward to having you back.

The restaurant’s menus have signature dishes and recipes from Tatyana’s mother. Her mother taught Tatyana how to cook delicious food. “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Everyone can learn to cook. But a few can cook delicious food.” We can’t wait for you to savor and enjoy exquisite and the tastiest dishes at LSW Hotels.

iBloom Spa

I Bloom™ Spa

Everyone desires to bloom into a beautiful person. Wellness feeds your soul. Everything must be beautiful in person: body, mind, face, and heart. Living life with joy is the best gift. Being healthy is the happiness. Getting pampered, rejuvenated and feeling relaxed make every guest very energetic and alive. Organic skincare products, massage oils and customized massage therapies, sessions yoga classes are offered at LSW Hotels. Work and life balance is a priority. Love yourself. Express your love and care for your loved ones by spoiling and pampering. If you don’t have a babysitter and really need to get a spa day, we got it covered. Our Cute as a Button Staff can take care of your cuties while you are getting pampered. You deserve a great spa day at I Bloom.

Cute as a Button

Cute as a Button™, LSW Kids Club

Be our Cute as a Button while your parents are on a date. We engage kids in emotional development, drawing, crafting classes. Dancing or singing fun classes are available as well. Let’s kid be kids. Being silly, funny and having a playdate are all encouraged at Cute as a Button more. Reading bedtime stories is one of our favorite things we do.

Every child just wants to play, have fun and be a kid. With Cute as a Button Staff, the kids will be entertained and well-taken care of.

LSW Guestrooms

Long-lasting Impressions

LSW Meetings & Events delivered and orchestrated by our upbeat and creative events team. Whether it is the Board of Directors meeting,  conference, presentation, the corporate retreat we ensure a flawless execution of all events and make your associates and event planner shine and look good.  LSW Meetings and Events follow Sustainable Meetings Practices from the menu items to furniture and bamboo papers.  The creative event production, high technology, and a great service make the entire experience so much fun and enjoyable. LSW Meeting Packages are inclusive of breakfast, lunch, and breaks and Audio-Visual. If you are looking for a very extravaganza event, just tell us about your envisioning of the event and we will make it happen.

Vigorous Fitness

Vigorous™ Fitness

The vigorous fitness program with a digital assistant is available at your fingertips. Should you need the trainer and discipline, LSW Concierge will be delighted to recommend you few good professional personal trainers. While you travel, your fitness routine can be a little off track. Upon your advance request, LSW Concierge will be happy to assist you. The nutrition and meal plan plays a key role in staying fit while traveling for business. We offer the healthy and yummy healthy foods at Soothing Juices and Snack Bar and Organically Tasty Restaurant.

Show off your body at the Drenched Pool and wink more. Always wonderful times and only at LSW Hotels.