Sustainability is the future. The impacts on the environment, economy, and communities are powerful and high. We are creating a self-sustained economy and forward-thinking ideology for generations of travelers of different tastes, opinions, demographics who share the same passion for traveling and learning about cultural heritage, art, and food. Wellness travel and sustainable tourism will reach $24 Billion spent by 2025. The consumers will feel good and the investors will realize a healthier bottom line. We aim at reaching 70% of repeat business and guests by providing impeccable service.”


About Millennials: Stats from travel sites: 33% of corporate travelers are Millennials. Gen Y travel to visit their families and friends, 21% travel solo and are perfectly happy, 42% prefer to travel with their friends. Every generation has different preferences and it is a well-known fact that Millennials represent the largest traveling generation of all times. We adapt to Millennials’ preferences and deliver intuitive service to our best abilities.

Innovative design, cultural tours, one-of-a-kind cuisine, and impeccable service are drawing Gen Y’s attention. The sustainable furniture and equipment made of materials that have a positive impact on the environment aren’t enough of the great value proposition to Gen Y anymore. The greater value proposition at my hotel is going to be a loyalty program, special recognition, customized and personalized offers, organic and interactive atmosphere. The Millennials travel more and will travel more in the next few years and depend on Social Media, guest reviews when deciding. Generations Y & Z are becoming more financially responsible and willing to spend on top-tier vacation packages, travel to the most exotic countries, and open their pallets to local and exotic food offerings.

Demand for socially responsible hotel brands and guilt-free luxury indulgence is on the rise among Millennials and affluent travelers. Money can’t buy you happiness, but it provides financial stability and opportunities to travel and stay at luxury hotels, dine at high-end restaurants and live lives to the fullest. Generations X and Z are more ambitious to attain their financial goals.

As the hospitality industry evolves and travelers’ preferences change, we stand strong and are ahead of the curve. The challenge is how to beautifully visualize the concept and impress the investors. Finding the right investor is the toughest challenge. We are going to keep looking for the right one for us.