During a crazy, chaotic, confusing world and crisis we are pushing ourselves in pursuit of the American Dream and happiness for all. I heard the pessimistic “American Dream is dead” hundredth times. Crisis generates opportunities and makes us resilient, better, and resourceful. I remembered my Dad saying that a true personality comes out in a highly stressed-out environment and the impact we have on others must be positive. Even though I believe in people’s decency and goodness of every human being, not everyone is as good and decent these days.

Delta Variant sent the hotel into a second panic mode. The hotels are dropping the rates almost 40% off published rates and the challenging price wars among inadequate competitors.

I have been watching the numbers games the hotels across the country and noticeably, 3.5-4 hotels are playing every day. We shouldn’t choose the easiest way to lower the rates. The hotels should hire better talents, retain and pay better.

After spending fourteen months of the unnecessary lock down in Los Angeles, going against all odds, chasing after my dream, I am going back to Miami. Comeback must be greater than a setback. Coming back to Miami made me happier. Miami has a special place in my heart.

The open and free State of Florida is booming. Brickell and Downtown turned into the most dynamic and fast-paced South of Wall Street, Little Haiti is turning into a tech innovation hub.

Opposite of Florida, California, and New York State are two hospitality work paradises that are in devastating crisis. I feel bad for Californians. They are masked up again and New Yorkers are mandated to get vaccination passports to get dining experience. There is chaos, confusion, frustration, and anger caused by poor leadership and scandals being revealed as fast as mushrooms grow after rains. I know deep in my heart that New York will make it a great come back as well as I will make it a greater come back in Miami. The hotel brands are losing their finesse, the touch of luxury, and most importantly, the loss of the brand identity. And the loss of the brand identity, lack of impeccable service, mismanagement led to price wars, bad reputation and highest turnover even at a 5-star hotel.

What is your identity? As a brand, hotel management company, LSW Hotels will set and raise a bar in the luxury hotel industry, restore and emerge as the most genuine, true to its roots, principles, and mission. And our mission is to make sustainability the new norm. Mental wellness is crucial and the strongest foundation to be happy. Happiness is a state of your mind.

Be well. Be Happy