With so much beauty in nature; the sun waking us up for millions of years, soil and lands breeding and growing deliciousness we must be responsible citizens and grateful to Mother Nature. Nature is so generous and constantly gives us all. We must reciprocate and give back to Nature by being not only environmentally conscious but by being considerate, less ignorant, and more compassionate.


Mother Nature knows. Everything makes sense in Nature. Nature is mesmerizing and wonderful. It has millions of years of wisdom and power for the survival of its creations. When something beautiful is created and in full harmony with nature, you can see Nature at its finest. Winds blow at just the right speed and at the right timing from Sahara desserts to the rainforest in Brazil, sun rises and shines at the right angles and temperature to help grapes grow and trees to reach their fullest potential, and provide Vitamin D to relieve stress, water from the skies to hydrate and plants so that plants and trees generate more oxygen to breathe.


Nature is magical and magnificent. It elevates and intrigues my senses, makes me wonder and admire. Everything happens as should be. We must give more and expect less. I expect a lot from myself and expect nothing from anyone.


Winston S. Churchill said: “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”


I believe and know that I am responsible for my happiness and making a meaningful life. I expect a lot from myself and expect nothing from others.

We should be observant and take a deep dive and a closer look at ourselves. We should reciprocate every goodwill gesture and in business, it must be based on a mutually beneficial basis.


The beauty of our hearts, souls, and minds, kindness will save the world. Our desires, dreams, and goals can be achieved only out of good intentions and to preserve Nature.