My curiosity about how the trade shows started and whose idea it was is endless and contagious. I always crave to learn what motivated the inventors and how the inventors were able to bring their innovations to life. Every trade show attracted hundreds and thousands of people traveling from all around the world. The development of trade shows goes back to the 10th century, the Great Silk Road Era. It was the most impactful for arts and cultural exchange. With the change of geographical environment, the merchants on the silk road stopped their steps slowly in the 15th century because of the cold, water shortage, wind, and sand. The speed of sea transportation, the possibility to carry more goods, and the relative cheapness of transportation resulted in the decline of the Silk Road at the end of the 15th century.


As everything evolves and keeps changing in the lives and history of mankind, so do trade shows. The world’s first recognized show was hosted in England by Queen Victoria. With every invention or product launch, the creators and inventors exhibit their products at the trade shows. In 1876, Alexander Graham introduced a brand-new invention, the telephone, to the public at Philadelphia Exposition. And Las Vegas hosted its first Consumer Electronics trade show. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons hosted their first trade show in San Francisco. This show allows medical professionals and exhibitors to learn about the latest industry trends and medical advancements. In the US, there are 35,000 associations and there is a trade show for everything. From textile to Space and Air Show, any of the Annual Trade Shows are hosted at least once every two or five years in Orlando, Miami, New York, and Las Vegas. I simply adore the trade shows and city-wide events!


I am in the city of live entertainment, mega conventions, large cultural and sports events. My impression of Las Vegas is fabulous, scenic, and entertaining. Las Vegas was someone’s dream. Dream to build an entire city in the middle of a desert and make Vegas the top gambling and entertainment city. Celine Dion, Cirque du Soleil, David Copperfield perform here. America is a land of opportunity as all famous came to America with nothing but dreams. Having your own show and concerts in Las Vegas is the peak of artists’ careers and it means you made it big time.


Upon arrival at the Aria Hotel, we were greeted by strikingly beautiful lobby ambassadors. The moment I entered my room, I heard a knock at the door of one out of 1,500 rooms. A housekeeper and runner asked me if I needed my suit to be pressed. Impressive and exhilarating!


This gorgeous hotel opened especially its doors for the IMEX annual Convention with 5,000 attendees including hotels, travel companies, and airline partners. The opening speech by the CEO of Aria Hotels gave me goosebumps. It was built by visionary hoteliers, years of sweat and tenacity, and the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum Certified Convention Hotel.


The hotel industry along with tech and energy is evolving as well. The guests and travel companies, corporate meetings, and convention planners are demanding socially responsible hotels. Creating a demand for energy-sufficient, environmentally conscious policies and standards is a forward-thinking ideology.