I am Tatyana Li, Founder of Luxury, Sustainable, Wellness Hotels and this is my story.

Hospitality is in the blood of most of the cultures and it connects all of us in a very sincere way. I was born and raised in a very hospitable family environment. Tasting local cuisine, traveling to the places you dream of and being free is the experience of a lifetime. We believe that sincere, genuine and intuitive service comes from your heart and passion. Throughout twenty years of my career, I have been enjoying the rides of waves of our beautiful hospitality industry. I share the passion for sustainability and wellness in the most genuine way. It is time to make big waves now. The LSW Hotels were born out of passion and an evolutionary response to the lodging realm. We are highly driven and aimed at making an environmental, economic and social sustainability a norm in the travel industry. We strongly believe that sustainability is the future and it is reshaping our lifestyle for better tomorrow.

I am the luckiest person because my dream is coming true in my beloved and the world’s best country – the USA. Now I know miracles happen when you believe. Now I know that the best things happen in hard times and the opportunities are granted to those who stay the course, do not give up and believe! This is an opportunity for us to contribute to America by building the world’s first and genuinely sustainable, breathtaking, and most hospitable place on earth – Luxury, Sustainable, Wellness Hotels. The LSW Hotels will have a sign on each piece of hotel furniture, fixtures and equipment, napkins, silverware, ceramics and bathrobes: Made in the Unites States of America by proud Americans.

Together for better world. Let us keep travelling, moving forward and making America great again.

I strongly believe that my parents miraculously and magically helped me out here with their unconditional love and encouragement:

“The stars are aligned, and the brightest stars are shining light for you always. You are the luckiest child. Everything will happen the way you want it to. We are with you. We love you to the moon and back.”